Whole Body WAKE UP routine

(sigh) Looks like winter is trying to arrive here in the Berkshires…..snow on Sunday! Guess it’s time to get out my favorite warming recipes (bone broth, homemade chai, and butternut squash soup).  That reminds……I need to blog about the awesomeness of bone broth! Keep an eye out for that.

In the mean time, I created this video to give you an easy way to get things flowing, and warm up the body as it tries to go into hibernation mode. For that post-lunchtime fatigue, if you’ve been sitting at your desk too long, or if you are just feeling a bit blah. Get up! And spend less than a minute re-energizing your body and clearing the mind. Just about as good as a 30second dance party!

Now, go put on some Jim Morrison and get to it!!


3 Responses to Whole Body WAKE UP routine

  1. Discovered your 5 minute face lift. Just visited your website and blog.
    thank you.
    I have been healing MS since 1985 through a variety if methods.
    had a bladder infection which lead to spinal infection. Lost L 5 & L6. Working on learning to walk again.
    Using stand up machine, PT and Chriopractor.
    wish you were in Reno.
    looking for info on leg strengthening. Have a mid section spare tire. Found kymnonstop exercises on utube.
    Interested in any ideas you might have.
    working on becoming a coach, in process of writing a book on healing.

  2. Margot…Thank You for your 5 min facelift and sags be gone..I haven’t been doing it very long so I haven’t seen a big difference however I would like to ask you a question..I’m 66 and around my entire mouth and chin top of my lip is bluest and red i have gone to doctors and they say I don’t know why it would be that color…I live to far from you to come see you but do you have any idea or anything I can do to help ? I even hate going out because I feel everyone notices it…Thank You for any advice or help you can give me…Debbie

    • Hi Debbie – forgive my belated response! Your coloring concerns are not something that I am familiar with and am afraid I cannot give you much help. Blue coloration may imply vascular issues, which would need to be assessed by your primary doctor or a dermatologist. Perhaps an easthetician could give you an idea if there is a skin related element here as well, or any tips for helping. I wish that I coud offer you further thoughts, only to say do not let this keep you from shining your light out into the world!

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