I am a 57 year old female. Before visiting Emma and receiving acupuncture, I had a lot of health issues. Last year alone, I missed 27 days of work, most of which were health related. A strange virus left my right side weak. My right foot dragged, and the left side of my mouth drooled a lot. Since acupuncture, these symptoms are gone, and I don’t trip with that right foot all the time like I used to.

I had an operation on my stomach and esophagus, and a side effect is esophageal spasms. I get them very rarely now.

My immune system is boosted to the point that I have had only 1 sick day this year! My sinuses are clear and I can sleep lying down and don’t get headaches and blocked sinuses.

I was always cold; now my husband has to turn up the heat for himself as I’m warmer. I’m also sleeping better and notice a boost in energy level. I strongly advise anyone with any kind of health issues to try acupuncture with Emma. I have a new lease on life!!!!!

Thanks, Emma!

Zoe W.
New York

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