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I am a 49 year old girl (okay woman). I have had weight issues my whole life, trying most fad and diet plans throughout my life. I met with Emma to discuss weight loss through acupuncture. Hours after my first visit I saw first hand the results. My energy level is higher, I am no longer cold all the time from my thyroid issue and I feel like my mind is sharper.  In 5 weeks I have lost over 15 pounds – I realize some of this has to do with finding my ‘allergy foods’ and eating healthy choices. But I also believe the acupuncture plays into the complete well-being, having all body functions work together.  In addition to the weight loss, the acupuncture has helped alleviate pain caused from my stage 4 Osteoarthritis. I am able to walk and exercise again! Emma asks specific questions and really listens to help guide you to a healthy you.

 Darleen H.
New York