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I have always had a weak knee and a hip injury a few years ago added to my aches and pain. Since I sit at a desk all day at work, those joints get stiff and sometimes painful. Acupuncture has offered me relief and a way to manage the pain I experience from my knee and hip without relying on OTC pain relievers. With months of physical therapy, I didn’t feel as good as I do now. During my initial consult with Emma, she also uncovered that I was not handling the stress in my life well. With acupuncture treatments for stress and relaxation and tips from Emma on how to handle stress and food recommendations to balance my energy better, I feel happier and healthier than ever before. Additionally, sinus problems have plagued me all my life. Acupuncture treatments for sinus problems have cleared my sinus cavity and recommendations from Emma regarding foods to avoid have helped me steer clear of further problems.

Thanks to Emma, I have learned to recognize when my body is out of balance and how to remedy the situation either on my own or by visiting her for a little “tweaking” with the needles. Whenever I receive a treatment, regardless of the problem we are treating, I always feel 100% better and have a renewed sense of balance.

Lynn B.
New York


I have been a client of Dancing Dragonfly Acupuncture since June 2011. I feel like a new person as a result of these treatments. Emma is very kind, patient and knowledgeable in this field. She has given me strategies, breathing techniques, along with trust and confidence in myself, that enable me to do things I felt anxious towards doing. After an acupuncture session, I get a feeling of the weight of the world being off my shoulders. It’s very cleansing in a way. Initially, I went for an appointment every week. After three months, I began going every two weeks. Now I go every 3-4 weeks. One week, I had a bad head cold and was blowing my nose every ten minutes. I told Emma I was experiencing this and she said she could attend to this issue with my treatment. It was later that evening that I realized I hadn’t been blowing my nose hardly as all! She has relieved neck and back pain as well. My panic attacks are very limited now.

I am a true believer in acupuncture and am ever so grateful that Emma has given me back a part of my life that I couldn’t live due to anxiety episodes.  Every time I overcome a possible anxiety attack, I want to call Emma and thank her!! My world is so much more enjoyable thanks to her…..

Barbara F.
New York