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Facial Rejuvenation – Chinese Medicine Style!!

Because so many of you watched my “Natural 5 minute Face Lift” and asked for more, I created supplemental videos to highlight specific areas of the face that need a little more “lovin’!” Watch for them over the next few weeks….you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and see these as soon as they are released.

In this video, I emphasize the LIFTING & FIRMING aspects – including that pesky neck area that tends to give so many of us grief. This routine always makes me feel so much taller as well, from lengthening out my neck as I work it, I am sure!

Perform this routine daily, or weekly as part of a mask routine.

And don’t forget….you ARE beautiful! Beauty shouldn’t entail rough, aggressive techniques, but should promote respecting our  body and treating it with love and gratitude for the job that it does – holding in our light! Love the skin that holds you in!