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It was a very sad day in August when I received an email from Emma Rombach of Dancing Dragonfly Acupuncture announcing that she was relocating to Lenox, MA.  I had grown to be very dependent on Emma’s expertise and genuine compassion she always demonstrated at each and every treatment I received.  Not only is she concerned about your health issues, but she truly cares for you as a person.

After several doctor’s appointments, with few answers and little to no relief from my symptoms, I was referred to Emma from a very close friend of mine that told me “I know just the person you need to see.”

At my first appointment I immediately knew I was going in the right direction.  Emma is so well versed with excellent credentials, so much knowledge; which includes the acupuncture treatments, great advice on herbs and supplements, and most of the time she was also my counselor!  There were times I had to remind myself that she wasn’t my physician since I felt more confident with her advice and direction over my doctors.  When I began my treatments I was suffering from severe menopause symptoms, high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, and severe stress and fatigue.  My body did not appear to be absorbing the many supplements I was taking.  With Emma’s treatments and direction, I changed and added some supplements.  I was already following a very nutritious diet; however, she did suggest a few changes and provided me with some additional advice which has proved invaluable to me.  Currently my blood levels are all where they should be!  When I was receiving the acupuncture treatment, I was never so relaxed in my life!  I found myself so looking forward to my next appointment!

I am still suffering from hormone imbalance, and of course the daily stressors of life, but I do hope to continue my therapy with Emma.  If she doesn’t come back to my area on occasion to see everyone who dearly misses her, I will be making road trips to Lenox, MA! Emma, I wish you much success in your transition to Lenox and I only hope the folks there know how lucky they are to have you!!

Trudy K.