When I started seeing Emma Jean, I wasn’t feeling well at all.  I had severe GI issues (Colitis, Acid Reflux) severe allergies, menopause symptoms, and was under a great deal of stress.  I had severe stomach pains, weight loss, diarrhea, and my skin itched from the top of my head and literally down to my toes.  I was taking a tremendous amount of medications, for example: nose sprays, allergy medications, hormone replacement for hot flashes and moodiness, meds for my acid reflux, meds for my colitis, meds to help me sleep, meds to calm me down. Meds, Meds, Meds.

And then, along came Emma!  She spent a great deal of time with me, wanting to know everything about me and about my health or should I say “unhealthiness”. I instantly felt comfortable with her by her calming presence.   Unlike the way I felt at my doctors’ office!  You know!  Treating you like a number instead of a person, giving you about 2 minutes of their time, diagnosing you (supposedly) in that same amount of time and writing yet another script for you to add to the collection you’re already taking.

Emma started treating me with acupuncture and suggested a few natural herbs that I could take. WELL, I want all of you that are considering acupuncture to know, that I am now, totally medication free.  My allergies are cleared, my GI issues are under control, and stress levels (moodiness & grouchy- my husband had a different term to describe my temperament) are minimized.  (Trust me – my husband is VERY happy about that).

I highly recommend Emma Jean.  She is truly amazing!  So if you are ready to walk down the path to good health, she will be there to lead you on a wonderful journey.  Here’s to GOOD HEALTH!

Thank you Emma!!

Valerie P.
Queensbury, New York

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