Facial Rejuvenation – Chinese Medicine Style!!

Because so many of you watched my “Natural 5 minute Face Lift” and asked for more, I created supplemental videos to highlight specific areas of the face that need a little more “lovin’!” Watch for them over the next few weeks….you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and see these as soon as they are released.

In this video, I emphasize the LIFTING & FIRMING aspects – including that pesky neck area that tends to give so many of us grief. This routine always makes me feel so much taller as well, from lengthening out my neck as I work it, I am sure!

Perform this routine daily, or weekly as part of a mask routine.

And don’t forget….you ARE beautiful! Beauty shouldn’t entail rough, aggressive techniques, but should promote respecting our ¬†body and treating it with love and gratitude for the job that it does – holding in our light! Love the skin that holds you in!




27 Responses to “SAGS BE GONE”

  1. can I use therapeutic essential oils with the 5 min. face lift

    • There are if they are properly diluted in carrier oils and used according to EO safety. There are many great oils for facial beauty, lavendar being one of them!

  2. Hope it works! Am willing to give these techniques a try.
    I love alternative ways to health. Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge.

  3. Hi Emma
    I stumbled across your videos on YouTube and aren’t I so glad that I did!!
    I have started today to use your 5 minute facelift and the two additional videos on your lovely website. You have a fan in the making in the UK here who is trying very hard to remember that she is beautiful. Thanks for making my day today a positive joy. Lots of love Alexandria

  4. I’ve tried the 5 min facelift for 2 days now and I love it. I have a lot of “lifting” to do. But that is okay. This 5 minute routine has felt so great and that alone is worth it! Thank you for sharing.

  5. Do you have any books on your facial exercizes? Please use my first name only. I really enjoyed your 5 minute face lift video. Thanks so much.

    • Hi Vicki, I currently don’t have any books on my facial exercises, but am working on a pamphlet to accompany the videos. I will definitely post when that is available. Thank you for watching!

  6. Hi Emma,

    Just want to thank you for sharing the tips on face lifting. Just want to know if these procedures can be done at night after removing of makeup instead of in the morning?

    • Hi Patricia,
      yes these techniques can also be done at night after removing makeup. I like to do them while i’m putting on any night cream or light moisturizer at night. Many days, I do the technique morning and evening!! its just such a nice loving way to connect in with our face and skin.

  7. Hi Emma
    I have been doing the 5 minute face lift for about 3 weeks and have noticed the difference (unless I’m imagining it!) I looked at this “Sags Be Gone” video the other day and have started incorporating these exercises too into my daily regime but just wondered about the ear to chin along the jawline exercise. It feels more natural and more “lifting” to go from chin to ear along the jawline but will carry on as you’ve recommended..however I would be interested to hear your opinion. One other thing…sometimes I forget which order to do all the exercises…does it matter..? Look forward to hearing from you. (I am in London, UK, btw).

    • Hello Yasmin! So glad that you are enjoying the routine…sure feels delightful doesn’t it!?!
      As for the chin to ear movement, it can go either direction….the key is to really activate and work the attachment points where all of the muscles of the face and chin and neck come together along the jaw line. When I am lifting, I often go chin to ear, but then drain down the neck to move lymph down and out. So uplifting movements are needed (move up the chin and neck), but also movements to drain lymph are needed (from ear to chin, and ear down the neck). So do both! Also, you don’t have to follow a strict order for each movement, you will likely find a routine that fits you, based on what your goal is. The key is to do it regularly. Hope this helps!

      • Thank you so much for your prompt and helpful reply, Emma! Will do as you recommend. Btw thanks for the great videos! ūüôā

  8. Hi Emma,
    Just started doing your videos and absolutely love them! I’ve watched alot of videos on facial exercises working the muscle and yours are more rubbing. What is the difference between the two other than the obvious and how does the rubbing tighten the sags verses specifically doing weird facial movements?
    Also with yours is it better to do the rubbing with moisturizer or oil or it doesn’t matter? Thank you, AJ

  9. I’m starting my fourth week doing the 5-minute face lift, and am absolutely sold on its healing benefits. I’ve seen a definite difference in my face, with more smoothness and glow. Also feel better generally. Thanks so much for this wonderful program!

  10. Does this work for saggy cheeks and jowls to?

    • Yes, I have seen great success in regards to the cheek area when doing this routine. So stick with it and continue to hydrate and avoid all toxic beauty and facial products.

  11. HI Emma thankyou so much for all the information it does feel so lovely to do

    • You are so kind! Thank you! And yes, it feels so alive and lovely and nurturing……things that we all need more of!

  12. Anne Murnaghan

    I’ve been doing your wonderful 5-min facelift for years and love it. Thank You. After months without doing it I visited your site just now and read through your ‘Journey to where you are now!!’ I live in Vancouver, British Columbia – on the west coast of Canada. In last year had mastectomy, Staph infection, accident causing broken femur and wrist. Am on the mend and was taken with your comment about your Mum – “individualized herbal formula to deal with the pain, neuropathy, fatigue and horrible hot flush/sweating episodes. Within a short time, her symptoms drastically diminished and her quality of life radically improved.” I am on a Tamoxifen-like med for 5 more years and have hot flashes AND join pain. Without too much trouble, I’d be ever so grateful for any info you could share with me re a herbal formula. I am of good cheer, but am challenged now with unhealed femur etc. Bless you in all you do. And thank you.

    • I apologize for the belated response! I have to admit, I am not the best with all the online communication….. And yay VANCOUVER!! I am actually from Northern Idaho, so am very familiar with BC!! I am sorry to hear of your health concerns and for the suffering it has caused! Have you considered seeing an acupuncturist/chinese herbalist? Because it sounds like you might really benefit from a focused wholistic approach, including herbs. Unfortunately, I cannot diagnose nor give herbal recommendations online or without doing a full evaluation. Herbs work far differently when used appropriately to address your underlying pattern of imbalance and that is not as easy as telling you and herb to take for a symptom. I know that there are a LOT of TCM practitioners in Vancouver, and would highly encourage you to seek one out. Thank you for your question, dear! take good care!

  13. Hi Emma,
    I am trying your five minute facelift after using a more vigorous routine with another Youtuber for a while, it was effective but I felt like I was pulling my skin too much.

    After the five weeks that you recommend daily, how does one maintain the effects, would it be less often?


    • Hello Ally!
      Thank you for finding me and sending a message.
      I have many followers and clients that continue to use the techniques weekly if not daily, simply because of how effective it is, and how good it feels. I really have not found any hard and fast rule for how often to do the routine. For me, i might do it once a week for a few months, but then find I want to do it daily during the winter.
      So I hope that helps! Have you seen the other videos on my channel for eyes and wrinkles? I tend to rotate through all of these routines weekly as a general maintenance. You might find that you just fall in love with how you feel doing them!!

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