Initial Evaluation and Consultation (~90 Minutes) $ 150

  • Includes a thorough health history and evaluation using the principles of Oriental Medicine, development of a focused treatment plan, and an herbal and/or nutritional consultation. Includes FREE relaxing acupuncture treatment!!
  • One time office/paperwork fee $ 25

On-Going Acupuncture Treatment (50-60 minutes) $ 90

  • Includes a fully Customized Acupuncture Treatment and continued nutrition and/or herbal consultation to address the underlying imbalance identified in the initial evaluation.
  • Gua Sha, Cupping, Tui-na hands on work to address structural issues + $10 to on-going treatment     
  • 3-session package $260 5-session package $435

Re-assessment Visit (to review treatment approach) $ 110

Sacred Beauty Anti-Aging Facial Rejuvenation (60-65 minutes) $125

  • Specialized acupuncture session includes facial cupping and gua sha, use of crystals and light visualizations for beauty; finishes with a delicious foot rub using frankincense/myrrh cream. Think “Cosmic Cosmetics”!
  • 3-session package $360

Blissful Peace-Relaxing Treatment (40 minutes) $ 65

  • This special acupuncture treatment is designed to calm and regulate the nervous system and promote a sense of well-being. Perfect for people that aren’t sure if they are ready for a full individualized acupuncture plan, or who just want to give acupuncture a try. 30 minutes of peace and relaxation included!
  • 3 peaceful-sessions package $ 190

Immune Boosting–Sinus Busting Treatment (40 minutes) $ 65

  • Give your immune system a jolt with this highly effective treatment. Perfect for the flu and allergy system, or before that long-awaited vacation. Includes FREE tips for combating the common cold with Acupressure and Nutrition.
  • 3 immune boost-session package $ 190


Acupuncture of Light (50-65 minutes) $ 110

  • This amazing session utilizes everything else in my toolkit to help awaken you to your light, and heal at a more profound level. I use my ability to “see”, “hear” and “know” to diagnose and give very poignant recommendations that might include specific sounds, movements, diet, mantras, sacred altar work or visualizations for you to practice. If you are ready to awaken to your higher self, then this is the session for you!

Pyramid of Light Healing Session $150

  • a complete re-alignment of your chakras, channels and etheric field! Utilizing sound and light in conjunction with specific esoteric acupuncture points, I open, clear and reconnect you to Gaia Sophia and Universal Source, untangling energetic blockages and releasing unhealthy beliefs. Powerful session healing the physical, emotional and astral bodies.


  • Unique completely customized sessions to reconnect to your divine feminine – create your own sacred beauty ritual!
  • Allow me to help you develop a ceremony to release what is holding you back from your light. My light is at your command! Might include space clearing, full moon ceremonies, creating personalized altars for healing…..the possibilities are endless!
  • Ask me about assisting a loved-one with a peaceful transition in the death process