I love teaching my clients easy tips for being beautiful that don’t involve toxic products, or aggressive techniques! And this is one of my faves! An easy 5 minutes acupressure routine to help smooth wrinkles, promote collagen production, lift and firm, and promote lymph circulation.

BONUS,this routine also can alleviate headaches, calm the mind and promote a peaceful, easy feeling. Love your face, gently, joyfully, and remember…. you ARE Beautiful!!



  1. Marg and Norm Shaw

    We thought your 5 minute facelift video was perfectly illustrated and we love the name “dancing dragonfly” simply ***** stars. Wish you were in our backyard – you’d have our business for sure. Cheers, Marg and Norm

  2. I liked your video. I have a question. When you come up the side of your neck do you just do one side or both?

    • Yes do both sides of the neck to promote lymph drainage and lift the area. thanks for watching my video! Have a lovely day.

  3. Thank you for posting it!! And you have a great day.

  4. Hey, just did your two face routines. Wow unbelievable how much heat Imfeel in my face and how long it is lasting, definitely stuff is happening
    Thanks so much and may the sun shine on you!

  5. Thanks for the great videos – I have been sharing them with my clients (and doing them myself!) to help prolong the effects of my natural facelift massage treatments -:)

    • That’s wonderful to hear! If there is anything specific you would like to see let me know and I’ll see if I can pit something together. 🙂

      • Patricia Painter

        I’ve been in a surgical collar for 7 weeks with 3 more to go (hopefully). The collar is doing horrible things to my outer cheek area. I’ve been doing some modified version of your videos but wonder if you could give me something specific for this cheek area. Thanks,

        • patricia, I am sorry to hear about having to deal with the surgical collar. since the cheek is connected to the rest of the face and neck via various muscles and blood vessels and lymphatic vessels, doing the full routine can be of great benefit, emphasizing the movements that go thru the cheek area. also, you might consider using coconut oil mixed with aloe vera gel topically as a nice treatment for the irritated tissue.
          I hope that you feel better soon and recover quickly. Kindly, emma

  6. Anne Murnaghan

    Love the 5-minute facial…treat myself to it frequently, while watching wonderful you… Greetings from Vancouver, British Columbia on the beautiful west coast of Canada.

    • I am glad that you are enjoying the video! In vancouver….I am from idaho so am very familiar with vancouver!

  7. Hi, I just started watching your video’s, and, doing the routines. It is great, and so easy to follow.
    Thank you so much for being there.
    I’m here in California.

  8. I love your video. Is there a routine I can use to get rid of lip lines? Thank you so much.

    • HI karen….
      I will try and create a video on lip lines as one of my upcoming videos. thanks for the suggestion….

  9. I love the video and the routine – very refreshing! Is it just as effective to do at night? Thank you so much.

    • Absolutely! Morning and or night. I sometimes will do the facial routine less repetitions and more slowly at night as a nice calming feel good routine. In the morning, I do more repetitions more rapidly, as sort of a WAKEUP!

  10. Hi Emma. I have been doing the facial exercises regularly and have noticed an improvement with my face….so thank you for that. However I could do with some additional exercises to improve my neck (it is long which I know tends to show my crepiness and lines/wrinkles). Do you have any suggestions..please?

    • Yasmin, the neck can be tightened a bit first by ensuring adequate hydration and then using great moisturizers. You can stroke upward from throat up to chin, and then along jaw line to ear and then drain the lymph from ear down neck. The neck crepiness is tough as we age, since there are a lot of factors involved. any changes in body weight even can effect how the neck looks!keep using the area of the jaw line to firm the neck muscles, and stroke upward from throat. Hope this helps…..i may need to create a new video 🙂

  11. Morning Emma, my friends have noticed how my skin has improved since doing you 5 minute facial work-out. Thank you for giving everyone the chance to look fresher without having to go to great expense. Being 72 and on very limited money this is wonderful for me.

  12. Great video! Thank you for posting. How long have you been doing the exercises and how old are you?

    • Thank you!! Great question! I do a variety of things for my face and rotate between different facial acupressure and using a jade roller, as well as balancing out diet, hydration, life stress, etc. For me, its not at all about how i look, but about how i feel! And I feel wonderful……

  13. Dear Dr.
    I am just starting with the 5 minutes face lift. I love it. It’s being about 7 days
    and I am starting to have positive results.
    I am very interesting in knowing the right diet to follow, the food that I am suppose to eat to enhance the beauty of the skin.
    Thank you so much for your generosity,
    God bless,


    • Lucy, I apologize for a much belated response!
      Food and beauty is such a big topic! have you looked online? I know there are some great books out there that might suit exactly what you are looking for. And in general, for diet, I really love Kris Carr, and Dr. Joel Fuhrmann. Perhaps you might want to check them out.
      Kindly, Emma

  14. do you have any way of getting these excerises in a book

    • That’s a great question, Gail! I have considered it, and might look at how to do so in the future. My intent with these videos was to show quick and easy techniques that could be accesssed by anyone. They actually were never intended to be a focus of my practice, and I am a little overwhelmed by how far they have spread! However, I am hoping to start creating more regular videos of little tips so support people based on what i am seeing in my practice as of late. So a book might be out there in the future, if things align that way! I also am looking into how people can purchase the videos. So thanks for expressing interest… means a lot to me!

  15. Lisa Gallegos

    Happy fourth of July Emmajean. My name is Lisa. Can you post something for smoker lines please? Thank you

    • HI Lisa! So the techniques are the same……have you checked out my other facial videos on my youtube channel? There are more specific ones for eyes and forehead and such. With smoking, however, results would take longer, due to the underlying dry constitution. Hydrating and allowing the skin cells and fascia to repair is required, and acupressure techniques alone will likely not correct the issue. Thank you for asking!

  16. How can I purchase your video “5 minute face lift”?

    • Thank you for asking! However, I currently don’t have a system in place to sell these videos. Perhaps I will look into that. My original intent with my series of facial acupressure videos was to educate and assist my clients with easy techniques to support their process. They were never intended to be a focus of my business, but as I have had a number of people asking about purchasing them, I might have to look into how that might be done, in an easy manner. Might I email you if I come up with a solution?
      Again, thank you so much for your interest!!

  17. Dear Emma Rombach,
    I am grateful for your exercises. I used to exercise regularly until a knee injury prevented me from ever running again. Since, I have aged and inherited a double chin from weight gain. As a former jogger I don’t want to undergo plastic surgery, although I could benefit from it. So I turned to the internet and found your exercises. I hope that with your facial exercises and perseverance, I may be able to improve my condition. Thank you and I look forwards to learning more.

  18. Hi Emma,
    I have two questions.
    How does face message help you sleep bettsr? You mentioned that sleep will improve in 5 minute face lift video. I have noticed my sleeping has improved in the past 10 days.
    Also, I have 2 frown lines – one directly under lower lip and one directly underneath the first frown line under lip on chin. I have been doing both sags be gone and 5 minute face lift for 6 weeks now. Any suggestions to help in this area? I have seen improvement in some areas on face but not on chin. I am 67 so I know there is only so much that can be done without surgery and I will not do that.

    • Good morning, janice! i apologize for belated response!
      I am glad that you are finding the routine has helped with sleep. Many of the acupuncture points on the face have effects on far more than just the local facial area…in particular are the points on the forehead which help regulate frontal lobe of the brain and greatly affect various neurotransmitters that affect calming of the nervous system and the sleep cycle.
      As far as the chin area, this is a problematic area indeed. I am working on a new video that uses a Gua Sha Tool and Jade Roller that can help with these deeper lines. Keep doing the sag lifting technique and see how it goes.
      Also, if you have an esthetician that does facial cupping, that can be a remedy as well. I have seen that there are home cupping kits even available now to help. I think i might even create a video discussing home facial cupping.
      All in all keep it up! Improved sleep is such a great thing, right? 🙂
      Make sure you are drinking plenty of water, minimize dairy and salt intake as well. To help minimize creation of “face pouching” and contributing to deeper lines.
      Take good care, dear one! Emma

  19. Hi Emma,
    Thanks so much for answering me especially regarding how this has helped my sleep. It is amazing how well I am sleeping. All my adult life I have never slept well and relied on Tylenol pm 3-4 times per week just to get a few hours of sleep and now I haven’t taken any for about a month. Even my husband is surprised that I am sleeping all night.
    I will continue to do the five minute face lift and sags be gone and look forward to any future videos that you do.
    I love the way my face feels when I am done – feels energized.
    Thank you again for your response.

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