I am frequently asked about products and resources that I recommend through my practice. So I have added this page where I will add links to websites, books and resources that I use on a regular basis.

Stay tuned – as I will update it with products frequently……

links, likes, and more of my fave resources

Environmental Working Group:      This website is a plethora of information about toxins in our food and environment and how to avoid them. Check out their updated list about top produce to buy organic. The Dirty Dozen and Clean 15.

EWG’s Food Scores:          This site is awesome to scan any food product and get it’s healthy food score.  Great to help avoid GMO, and understand exactly what is in your food.

EWG’s Tap Water DataBase:          An excellent resource for looking up the quality of water in your area, and then recommendations for best water sources. Their info on bottled water is pretty enlightening.

Safe Cosmetic DataBase:      A great place to look up any beauty product to determine if it has nasty toxic ingredients, fragrances, or common allergens. I also love their sunscreen guide.

My favorite sites for Cancer Prevention and Nutrition:

My favorite nutrition/wellness websites and blogs:

Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine information, latest research, etc.:

  • Journal of Traditional Chinese Medicine  
  • Society for Acupuncture Research
  • Acufinder, a great resource for finding an acupuncturist in your area
  • Acupuncture Today, a monthly publication for Acupuncturists, with great articles     
  • NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine), where you can learn about the education and credentials behind becoming an acupuncturist.

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  1. shelli koistinen


    I love watching your youtube videos on the facial exercise. Do you have suggestions for droopy eyelids?

    • Did you see my youtube video specifically focused on the eyes? That will address more of what you are looking for, in combination with the general facial rejuvenation video. Thanks for watching!!

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