Firm that Forehead – Antiwrinkle Technique

My latest video in my facial rejuvenation series – with this one I focus on tightening up that forehead, getting rid of those wrinkles. It also stimulates hair growth, calms headaches and reduces stress. Bonus!!


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  1. Hi Emmajean,
    I noticed that you mentioned that the tapping on the head portion of the video will stimulate hair growth. Do you have any other techniques that will also do this?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. It’s amazing the changes I’ve seen in such a short time. Your instruction is great, the routines are short but effective. I wish you were in Illinois! I hope you post more videos I love them! I do them everyday. Thank you…

  3. Thank-you so much for the face rejuv vids. I have found they have dramatically helped with sinus drainage, and headaches. !!
    The best in continuing health to you.

  4. Hi Emmajean,

    I appreciate your blending of Chinese and North American medical paradigms and practices. I am a very healthy 58 year old Ontario, Canada man. I have sun damaged skin and I do a lot of triathlons and skiing so I spend a lot of time outside continually exposed to the sun. My biggest problem is bags around my eyes which may also be due from lack of sleep from putting in long hours in my career.

    I have been looking at blepharoplasty surgery. Then, I heard about facial exercises. I just started doing your routine which I enjoy. However, you have perfect skin and beautiful blue eyes. Your exercise may enable to to enjoy this state for a long time.

    However, have you every seen there exercises result in an actual repair for droopy eyes and sagging skin?

    PS; I am sorry to learn about the terrible incidents of cancer among your family members. My daughter is an pediatric oncology nurse and I am aware of the challenges of cancer. Cancer survival rates have significantly improved and new technologies such as nano-robots offer real potential.



    • George! I apologize for the much belated response…I am not so great with online communication and all these type of things…..
      Have you checked out my youtube video specifically for eye issues? Perhaps that might help you in a more focused way. And help with the eye droop and skin sag as you are concerned with. Additionally, consider how hydration and liver detoxification might fit into your overall health routine. I hope this will provide some additional support.

      Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding family cancer…….That is such a huge focus of my practice and I hope that more people can become educated on how PREVENTION can keep a vast majority of concerns from even occurring. Take good care!

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