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Are you ready to be Simply Beautiful?? Here I share about eating “Beautiful” food that creates beauty from the inside out, avoiding products loaded with toxins that are Far from Beautiful, and how you can create Beautiful Spa treatments at home for yourself. After all, being Beautiful should be Simple at its best.

Whole Body WAKE UP routine

(sigh) Looks like winter is trying to arrive here in the Berkshires…..snow on Sunday! Guess it’s time to get out my favorite warming recipes (bone broth, homemade chai, and butternut squash soup).  That reminds……I need to blog about the awesomeness of bone broth! Keep an eye out for that.

In the mean time, I created this video to give you an easy way to get things flowing, and warm up the body as it tries to go into hibernation mode. For that post-lunchtime fatigue, if you’ve been sitting at your desk too long, or if you are just feeling a bit blah. Get up! And spend less than a minute re-energizing your body and clearing the mind. Just about as good as a 30second dance party!

Now, go put on some Jim Morrison and get to it!!


Firm that Forehead – Antiwrinkle Technique

My latest video in my facial rejuvenation series – with this one I focus on tightening up that forehead, getting rid of those wrinkles. It also stimulates hair growth, calms headaches and reduces stress. Bonus!!



Facial Rejuvenation – Chinese Medicine Style!!

Because so many of you watched my “Natural 5 minute Face Lift” and asked for more, I created supplemental videos to highlight specific areas of the face that need a little more “lovin’!” Watch for them over the next few weeks….you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and see these as soon as they are released.

In this video, I emphasize the LIFTING & FIRMING aspects – including that pesky neck area that tends to give so many of us grief. This routine always makes me feel so much taller as well, from lengthening out my neck as I work it, I am sure!

Perform this routine daily, or weekly as part of a mask routine.

And don’t forget….you ARE beautiful! Beauty shouldn’t entail rough, aggressive techniques, but should promote respecting our  body and treating it with love and gratitude for the job that it does – holding in our light! Love the skin that holds you in!





I love teaching my clients easy tips for being beautiful that don’t involve toxic products, or aggressive techniques! And this is one of my faves! An easy 5 minutes acupressure routine to help smooth wrinkles, promote collagen production, lift and firm, and promote lymph circulation.

BONUS,this routine also can alleviate headaches, calm the mind and promote a peaceful, easy feeling. Love your face, gently, joyfully, and remember…. you ARE Beautiful!!


AWWW, There You Are! You’re BEAUTIFUL!!

YES, THERE YOU ARE!! You are BEAUTIFUL……simply beautiful! Your face, eyes, skin, body, smile…..they glow with a radiance evolved from a lifes-worth of trials and tribulations and reflect the accumulation of all that you have been, thought, eaten, breathed and lived.
So what message would you like your body,face and smile to tell?
I know that I would like to emanate a Natural Vibrance, Wholeness, Purity, Simplicity, Freshness and Youth! Continue reading

Are you ready for a vibrant life of health and wellness?

At Dancing Dragonfly Acupuncture, we are committed to helping people in the Berkshire Region (Lenox, Stockbridge, Richmond, West Stockbridge and Great Barrington) achieve their health goals in a compassionate, supportive atmosphere, empowering people towards their best self.


  • combating the effects of chronic stress?
  • not getting good sleep or feeling low energy?
  • dealing with anxiety or depression?
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Or are you interested in living a life full of vitality and well being??..…. Then come experience what Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can do for you!!

What we offer:

  • acupuncture
  • auricular therapy
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  • herbal therapies
  • needle-less therapies (acupressure, tui-na, cupping, gua-sha)
  • dynamic holistic treatment plan designed to empower you to promote and sustain health

We know that each person has their own path towards achieving health; we simply provide tools that you need when you need them, encouraging your own innate ability to heal, grow, and thrive.