AWWW, There You Are! You’re BEAUTIFUL!!

YES, THERE YOU ARE!! You are BEAUTIFUL……simply beautiful! Your face, eyes, skin, body, smile…..they glow with a radiance evolved from a lifes-worth of trials and tribulations and reflect the accumulation of all that you have been, thought, eaten, breathed and lived.
So what message would you like your body,face and smile to tell?
I know that I would like to emanate a Natural Vibrance, Wholeness, Purity, Simplicity, Freshness and Youth! Continue reading

Are you ready for a vibrant life of health and wellness?

At Dancing Dragonfly Acupuncture, we are committed to helping people in the Berkshire Region (Lenox, Stockbridge, Richmond, West Stockbridge and Great Barrington) achieve their health goals in a compassionate, supportive atmosphere, empowering people towards their best self.


  • combating the effects of chronic stress?
  • not getting good sleep or feeling low energy?
  • dealing with anxiety or depression?
  • in chronic pain that nothing seems to get rid of?
  • struggling with regulating your blood pressure, cholesterol, or blood sugar levels?
  • uncomfortable from menopausal symptoms?
  • having trouble losing weight or having digestive complaints?

Or are you interested in living a life full of vitality and well being??..…. Then come experience what Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine can do for you!!

What we offer:

  • acupuncture
  • auricular therapy
  • nutrition and lifestyle recommendations
  • herbal therapies
  • needle-less therapies (acupressure, tui-na, cupping, gua-sha)
  • dynamic holistic treatment plan designed to empower you to promote and sustain health

We know that each person has their own path towards achieving health; we simply provide tools that you need when you need them, encouraging your own innate ability to heal, grow, and thrive.