Whole Body WAKE UP routine

(sigh) Looks like winter is trying to arrive here in the Berkshires…..snow on Sunday! Guess it’s time to get out my favorite warming recipes (bone broth, homemade chai, and butternut squash soup).  That reminds……I need to blog about the awesomeness of bone broth! Keep an eye out for that.

In the mean time, I created this video to give you an easy way to get things flowing, and warm up the body as it tries to go into hibernation mode. For that post-lunchtime fatigue, if you’ve been sitting at your desk too long, or if you are just feeling a bit blah. Get up! And spend less than a minute re-energizing your body and clearing the mind. Just about as good as a 30second dance party!

Now, go put on some Jim Morrison and get to it!!


Firm that Forehead – Antiwrinkle Technique

My latest video in my facial rejuvenation series – with this one I focus on tightening up that forehead, getting rid of those wrinkles. It also stimulates hair growth, calms headaches and reduces stress. Bonus!!


Clear out those sinuses!

The strange, erratic weather patterns of extreme cold to spring-like temperatures are a new phenomenon to which our bodies are adjusting. Unfortunately, our sinuses take the abuse. Utilizing the following tips can help clear or lessen the effects of sinusitis and relieve suffering.

TIP #1:USE STEAM: Relieving congestion may be as simple a taking a hot shower, or using a humidifier in your bedroom. Or try an old fashioned remedy of a facial steam bath.
Bring a large kettle of water to a boil and remove it from the heat–DO NOT leave it on the stove, boiling, while you proceed. Drape a large bath towel over your head, lean over the kettle, and inhale through your nose. Continue for about five minutes. If your face begins to feel too warm for comfort or your breathing becomes labored, lift the towel for a few seconds.

TIP #2 TRY ESSENTIAL OILS: Increase the effectiveness of steam by adding therapeutic grade essential oils. Add a teaspoon in the hot water of your facial steam bath, or put a few drops on a sponge and leave it in your tub while you shower.
Recommended essential oils: Eucalyptus and peppermint (known for their clearing powers), rosemary, thyme, geranium, tea tree, or oregano oils.

TIP #3 AVOID PROBLEM FOODS: Avoid any foods you have known allergies to, especially if you are fighting off cold symptoms.
Dairy products are notorious for stimulating mucous production, so they should be eliminated if you are suffering from sinusitis.
Sugars can slow the immune system and further aggravate inflammation –they also should be avoided.

TIP #4 USE ACUPRESSURE: Applying pressure to certain points on the face and head can help to clear sinus congestion, boost the immune system and trigger the natural healing tendencies of the human body. Try the routine below 2-3 times/day during an acute sinusitis flare up, or use daily during allergy season as a preventative measure.  (I created a short video to demonstrate how to perform this easy acupressure sinus routine. Check it out here!)

TIP#5 IDENTIFY THE CAUSE: While trying the above natural sinus remedies is recommended, you also need to identify what’s causing your particular problem. According to Traditional Chinese Medicine, two common causes of sinus problems and nasal congestion are:
1. Low Immunity: This renders your body more susceptible to external pathogens (viruses, bacteria, molds, etc.) which can invade a weak body and cause respiratory and other problems. Paying attention to your diet, getting enough sleep and exercise, and reducing emotional and physical stress all strengthen your immunity.
2. Weak Digestion: The by-product of weak digestion is excess fluid and mucus which collects in your lungs, nose and sinuses. Eating easily digested, nourishing foods and less cold, raw foods and drinks, and dairy products helps. Also, the simpler and blander your diet (at least until you clear up your problem) the clearer your sinuses and nasal passages will be.




Facial Rejuvenation – Chinese Medicine Style!!

Because so many of you watched my “Natural 5 minute Face Lift” and asked for more, I created supplemental videos to highlight specific areas of the face that need a little more “lovin’!” Watch for them over the next few weeks….you can subscribe to my YouTube channel and see these as soon as they are released.

In this video, I emphasize the LIFTING & FIRMING aspects – including that pesky neck area that tends to give so many of us grief. This routine always makes me feel so much taller as well, from lengthening out my neck as I work it, I am sure!

Perform this routine daily, or weekly as part of a mask routine.

And don’t forget….you ARE beautiful! Beauty shouldn’t entail rough, aggressive techniques, but should promote respecting our  body and treating it with love and gratitude for the job that it does – holding in our light! Love the skin that holds you in!





I love teaching my clients easy tips for being beautiful that don’t involve toxic products, or aggressive techniques! And this is one of my faves! An easy 5 minutes acupressure routine to help smooth wrinkles, promote collagen production, lift and firm, and promote lymph circulation.

BONUS,this routine also can alleviate headaches, calm the mind and promote a peaceful, easy feeling. Love your face, gently, joyfully, and remember…. you ARE Beautiful!!



It was a very sad day in August when I received an email from Emma Rombach of Dancing Dragonfly Acupuncture announcing that she was relocating to Lenox, MA.  I had grown to be very dependent on Emma’s expertise and genuine compassion she always demonstrated at each and every treatment I received.  Not only is she concerned about your health issues, but she truly cares for you as a person.

After several doctor’s appointments, with few answers and little to no relief from my symptoms, I was referred to Emma from a very close friend of mine that told me “I know just the person you need to see.”

At my first appointment I immediately knew I was going in the right direction.  Emma is so well versed with excellent credentials, so much knowledge; which includes the acupuncture treatments, great advice on herbs and supplements, and most of the time she was also my counselor!  There were times I had to remind myself that she wasn’t my physician since I felt more confident with her advice and direction over my doctors.  When I began my treatments I was suffering from severe menopause symptoms, high blood pressure, high blood glucose levels, and severe stress and fatigue.  My body did not appear to be absorbing the many supplements I was taking.  With Emma’s treatments and direction, I changed and added some supplements.  I was already following a very nutritious diet; however, she did suggest a few changes and provided me with some additional advice which has proved invaluable to me.  Currently my blood levels are all where they should be!  When I was receiving the acupuncture treatment, I was never so relaxed in my life!  I found myself so looking forward to my next appointment!

I am still suffering from hormone imbalance, and of course the daily stressors of life, but I do hope to continue my therapy with Emma.  If she doesn’t come back to my area on occasion to see everyone who dearly misses her, I will be making road trips to Lenox, MA! Emma, I wish you much success in your transition to Lenox and I only hope the folks there know how lucky they are to have you!!

Trudy K.


My husband and I have been blessed to be clients of Emmajean for 1 ½ years. We can not say enough about the wonderful results we have gotten with Emmajean’s care. My husband has had severe migraines and depression for many years. All his medical doctor’s did were to increase his medication and add more. Under the care of Emmajean, he has been able to stop some medications and decrease the dosage of others. He also had problems with sleep which she has helped.

I have been helped also with extreme stress problems and sleep and thyroid issues. Emmajean has totally destressed me. Now things that upset me in the past don’t. I am sleeping much better. Since Emmajean has worked on my thyroid, the blood work is all normal and I am not as tired as I used to be.

We STRONGLY advise you to see Emmajean! She has helped us so much!

Vanessa and Tom J.
New York


I have always had a weak knee and a hip injury a few years ago added to my aches and pain. Since I sit at a desk all day at work, those joints get stiff and sometimes painful. Acupuncture has offered me relief and a way to manage the pain I experience from my knee and hip without relying on OTC pain relievers. With months of physical therapy, I didn’t feel as good as I do now. During my initial consult with Emma, she also uncovered that I was not handling the stress in my life well. With acupuncture treatments for stress and relaxation and tips from Emma on how to handle stress and food recommendations to balance my energy better, I feel happier and healthier than ever before. Additionally, sinus problems have plagued me all my life. Acupuncture treatments for sinus problems have cleared my sinus cavity and recommendations from Emma regarding foods to avoid have helped me steer clear of further problems.

Thanks to Emma, I have learned to recognize when my body is out of balance and how to remedy the situation either on my own or by visiting her for a little “tweaking” with the needles. Whenever I receive a treatment, regardless of the problem we are treating, I always feel 100% better and have a renewed sense of balance.

Lynn B.
New York


When I started seeing Emma Jean, I wasn’t feeling well at all.  I had severe GI issues (Colitis, Acid Reflux) severe allergies, menopause symptoms, and was under a great deal of stress.  I had severe stomach pains, weight loss, diarrhea, and my skin itched from the top of my head and literally down to my toes.  I was taking a tremendous amount of medications, for example: nose sprays, allergy medications, hormone replacement for hot flashes and moodiness, meds for my acid reflux, meds for my colitis, meds to help me sleep, meds to calm me down. Meds, Meds, Meds.

And then, along came Emma!  She spent a great deal of time with me, wanting to know everything about me and about my health or should I say “unhealthiness”. I instantly felt comfortable with her by her calming presence.   Unlike the way I felt at my doctors’ office!  You know!  Treating you like a number instead of a person, giving you about 2 minutes of their time, diagnosing you (supposedly) in that same amount of time and writing yet another script for you to add to the collection you’re already taking.

Emma started treating me with acupuncture and suggested a few natural herbs that I could take. WELL, I want all of you that are considering acupuncture to know, that I am now, totally medication free.  My allergies are cleared, my GI issues are under control, and stress levels (moodiness & grouchy- my husband had a different term to describe my temperament) are minimized.  (Trust me – my husband is VERY happy about that).

I highly recommend Emma Jean.  She is truly amazing!  So if you are ready to walk down the path to good health, she will be there to lead you on a wonderful journey.  Here’s to GOOD HEALTH!

Thank you Emma!!

Valerie P.
Queensbury, New York


I have been seeing Emma for acupuncture sessions for over a year now. I have stayed with Emma for this long because of the changes in the way I feel. I now have a more positive outlook on the way I live my life each day. After a few sessions of acupuncture, I felt an awakening throughout my body – the only way I can explain this is like a release of a lot of tension!

I’ve also learned a lot about my own body and what muscles and tendons controls what. I learned that I can take control myself to improve my overall health – and I talk to myself a lot for support (LOL!)

My future plans are to return to a balanced state of health and well-being with acupuncture, herbs, healthy natural foods, and daily exercise. All because I was lucky enough to be introduced to Emma!

Alisa R.
New York