AWWW, There You Are! You’re BEAUTIFUL!!

YES, THERE YOU ARE!! You are BEAUTIFUL……simply beautiful! Your face, eyes, skin, body, smile…..they glow with a radiance evolved from a lifes-worth of trials and tribulations and reflect the accumulation of all that you have been, thought, eaten, breathed and lived.
So what message would you like your body,face and smile to tell?
I know that I would like to emanate a Natural Vibrance, Wholeness, Purity, Simplicity, Freshness and Youth! But how can I possibly reflect that if the products that I am using to try and create an image of beauty are Synthetic, Toxic-laden-complexities of impossibly-complicated-chemicals that-who-knows-what they really do????  Is that the image I am hoping to reflect???
OF COURSE NOT! I want to look Vibrant – NOT synthetic and plastic where my skin oozes off after years of being exposed to toxic products! YIKES!!

Of course my passion about trying to live a lifestyle where I do not get cancer (yah, call me selfish!)  has inspired me to research all the ingredients that go into everything that I put into my body as well as onto my body. And I have discovered that there are some majorly toxic, harmful, carcinogenic ingredients in most of the products that we use everyday. And for the most part, the government doesn’t regulate or monitor there use (check out this video created by Story of Stuff  to learn some of the Myths and facts about cosmetic regulation: Story of Cosmetics Video).

So to save you the time and effort about having to do the research, here is my list of ingredients that need to be avoided at all cost in any product that you are buying. Before you buy a product, read the label – if you see any of these nasty things listed, DON’T EVEN THINK OF BUYING IT! In no way can it contribute to your overall beauty image!


  1. Parabens (methyl, propyl, butyl and ethyl)
  2. Di- or Tri-Ethanolamine (DEA or TEA)
  3. DMDM hydantion and Imidazolidinyl Urea
  4. Sodium Lauryl or laureth Sulfate
  5. Triclosan or Triclocarban
  6. Propylene or Polyethylene Glycol (PEG)
  7. Any fragrances or dyes (even if they say “natural”)
  8. Stearalkonium Chloride
  9. Formaldehyde in Nail Polish and removers
  10. Ammonia and peroxide in hair dyes

WHEW!! All of those chemicals are quite the mouthful! How can you ever possibly remember them all??!!?? Well, luckily you don’t need to. The amazing people at Environmental Working Group have created a foldable guide that you can print and carry with you: Safe Cosmetics Guide. EASY!!  Their Cosmetics Database is brilliant – you can search any beauty product or ingredient and get the low-down on what’s in it, and how safe it is! I use it often and refer to it before I buy any new product.

I prefer to be beautiful and NOT dead or dying due to cancer, so check out your product labels, learn what’s contributing to your beauty without taking away from it, and empower yourself toward being Simply Beautiful!!




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